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We’re a Digital Experience Design Agency based in Stourport-on-Severn, in the West Midlands

We combine experience in User Experience, Digital Marketing, Media and Design to make big business know-how available to everyone else. With everything digital you could possibly need in one place, we make it simple and affordable to create stunning and effective solutions your customers will love.

What is experience design?

Experience Design and its well-known discipline User Experience (UX) is all about realising that your customers are more than just one thing, and as such, the design of your digital and technological landscape needs to reflect this.

By taking the time to understand the people who use your products and services, their desires and problems, it is possible to create things they will find easy to use, but love coming back to time and again.

We’ve all been at the stage where frustration with a website, app or technology has caused us to go elsewhere. Experience design can prevent this from happening to your users.

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Happy customers are ones that will return time and again, and rave about you to people they know. Delivering a great experience to customers is soon going to be the primary way a business stands out from its competition.

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Design brings harmony and order to visuals, and can evoke powerful emotions. Part art, part science, a good design can change perceptions, taking your business from simply available to enviable, hashtagable and maybe one day iconic.

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Connecting with your audiences in the right way has never been more crucial. From a single campaign to a strategic overhaul, we can help you understand and reach the people who will propel your business onward and upward.

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Media is the way we tell stories, communicate our ideas and inspire others. Beautiful, funny and engaging, media can elicit powerful senses and memories in your customers, and help them to visualise themselves using your products and services.

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I would highly recommend Noble Digital to other businesses wanting a high quality and fit for purpose website and associated design service. I will be using them on an ongoing basis for my other projects and business.
Bethan Bishop
The Impact Mentor
Noble created stunning visuals that helped us secure interest to continue building our business from idea to reality.
Noble Digital has been so helpful with a UX review of our website and online processes. They have been speedy to respond to questions and emails and explained everything in clear and common sense ways. The report identified a number of areas for improvement which are now underway with their support and assistance.
Jared Hodgson
Hope at Home
Noble Digital was wonderful and helpful with their UX review of my photography website. They were quick to respond to questions and emails and explained everything in detail. The report pinpointed the holes in my website and gave detailed recommendations of varying levels to implement. I would highly recommend them and would use them again.
Lisa Lander
So pleased I found a local supplier who could do such a great job quickly and at a good price! Thank you so much for all the knowledge and tips on things I didn’t realise were available, but now make running Fredgie Says much easier!
Fredgie Says™
I am delighted with the photos. I’ve used them for a lot of online and printed promotional materials and they have helped me impress clients and win business. Noble were a pleasure to work with. They understood what I was looking for and were also able to give good advice and add new ideas.
James Pritchard
London Wizard
We were wowed with the result. On the strength of Noble’s great video, we have already secured 2 bookings representing 5 weeks of summer rental for 2019. Super work, thank you!
Chris and Allie
Owners, Casa Cactus


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