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Branding and Website Design

Brett from Total Comm Solutions approached us about working on branding and a website for his IT and communications consultancy, Total Comm Solutions. He kindly selected us to after just one conversation, and we knew we couldn’t let him down.


Total Comm Solutions needed to stand out from the sometimes-bland identity of some IT companies, yet still communicate the range of services and expertise on offer. We focused on creating different options that combined icons that represented the range of communications solutions brought together under one roof, and caught the eye.

With branding discussions, sometimes there is a lot of abck and forward on the different options, but Brett had a clear favourite straight away. We got to work creating brand assets – injecting a range of colours that could be used throughout different mediums. 

We created a set of brand guidelines that could be used by other designers moving forward and created key assets such as the logo, font packs and stationery.


With the brand all squared away, and vibrant set of colours and icons to choose from, we set about creating a series of wireframes and page designs that would represent the eventual website. 

Total Comm Solutions - Website Homepage Wireframe Total Comm Solutions - Website Homepage Design
Total Comm Solutions - About Page Wireframe Total Comm Solutions - About Page Design

Ultimately, the result was a clean and modern website that effectively communicated Total Comm Solutions offering, provided a way to get in touch and synced up with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

I needed a website, that's all I knew. I needed to find someone who fully understood the process and would manage it, as being a small business I just didn't have the time. I was introduced to Noble Digital, who from the outset made the process very simple. They were able to not only produce a website, but also made me aware of the importance of branding. They provided a complete solution with new branding and an intuitive, user friendly website. Not only do I now have a professional business generation tool, but Noble Digital were also able to help me receive financial assistance from the local authority in the form of a grant. I would have no hesitation in recommending Noble Digital.

Brett Humphreys

Total Comm Solutions


Client name:

Total Comm Solutions


January 2020



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