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Churchfields Weddings

Build, Design, UX
Our responsibilities for this project:
  • Design and build of a minimal responsive website in a short timeframe.
  • Interpretation of brochure information and presentation in a web-friendly manner.
  • Search Engine Optimisation and redirection from pages on another group site to keep information relevant and up-to-date.

We originally launched the new Churchfields Farm website back in 2019, showcasing their award-winning Farmhouse Ice Cream and Barn Kitchen based in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Since then, Churchfields has responded to the challenges posed by the pandemic and worked with us to launch a Click & Collect service.

Most recently with the government’s proposed roadmap out of lockdown, the lovely folk at Churchfields are already thinking ahead to having visitors back at the farm and making the most of their idyllic venues. Following a short discussion and sending us their proposed print brochure materials, we proposed a site design and completed a small three-page site in just a few short days. The site explores the different locations, food & drink options and pricing for hosting a wedding at Churchfields, including various ways to enquire.

This is a great example of how Noble Digital can create high-end, elegant web solutions under tight timescales – if that’s what you need.

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Client name:
Churchfields Weddings
Project date:
March 2021
Services used:
Build, Design, UX
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