Case Study

Temple Row Wealth Management

Build, Design, UX
Our responsibilities for this project:
  • Workshopping customer journey processes
  • Website requirements mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing and Designing site layouts
  • Website development & handover to host
  • Infographic creation and logo evolution

We’re happy to say that Temple Row Wealth Management were referred to us by one of our happy clients. A common story, they needed a new website to mark the next stage of their evolution and expansion, but were having trouble standing out and separating from their old identity. 

Thankfully, Noble Digital has extensive experience creating online experiences for some of the largest Financial Services companies in the world. We leveraged that experience to work quickly within the regulatory and compliance constraints to deliver a website that helped Temple Row stand out from other Wealth Management firms.


When we first connected, Temple Row were in the process of separating from another wealth management firm, and it was very important to them that the new website established their distinct new identity. Noble Digital always takes the time to understand both the company and the end users so we can design solutions that work for both parties. 

We kicked off with a UX research and Information Architecture session, meeting at Temple Row’s Birmingham offices. These workshops were designed to consolidate the team’s view of their offering, Unique Selling Points and value they deliver to customers, as well as tone of voice. 

In order to better understand the sometimes opaque world of Wealth Management, we also performed roleplaying exercises with the team to see how they dealt with their customers at different stages of the process, what the potential barriers were, and how we could address these online.

To add to the complexity, our work with Temple Row started earlier in 2020 before the lockdown came into effect, meaning our initial consultations were undertaken in person but later continued using remote collaboration tools.

Wireframing and Design

As with all our User-Centric website design projects, we took the outputs and learnings from our earlier sessions and used them to refine an Information Architecture for the site, leading to a site structure with intuitive and simple navigation. With this in hand, we could begin wire framing the different site pages.

The site would explain the services, introduce the team and their expertise, and talk about the market and the firm’s vast experience managing both the investments, and peace of mind, of their customers. However, Temple Row were determined that their website would do more than just a typical brochureware site and provide useful resources for their clients, such as links to tools and valuable resources that come as part of the Temple Row experience, as well as dynamic functionality to allow clients self-service access to their Temple Row contacts.


Our wireframing process is designed to provide our clients with an idea of the visual structure and high-level content of a site as early as possible. Because the wireframes are basic documents devoid of colour or design elements, it’s easy to change and evolve ideas without costly design or development cycles.

In the world of Financial Services, there’s another key benefit. One of the more tightly regulated industries, a website often requires signoff from a compliance officer or team. We were able to involve Temple Row’s compliance partners at an early stage, meaning their feedback could be taken into account early on and before it became difficult to change.

Overall, the feedback indicates that our designs balanced the relaxed and friendly approach of the Temple Row team against a professional, reassuring image of trustworthy and talented wealth managers.

Build and review

Our website build process is designed to give the best experience to users in terms of responsive design (accessibility optimised for different device types) and a pleasing, easy-to-use interface.

Our commitment to ease-of-use translates to our clients. While we’re always standing by to assist, we believe it should be easy to update your site and make changes without having to rely on us. 

Temple Row’s website was built with our standard page builder tool, which allows site administrators to edit the site in a visual way, and see exactly what customers will see when they visit the website. 

Additional custom structures allow the easy addition of content such as blog articles, case studies and team members.

Infographic and the wow process

Our final task for Temple Row was to take what we’d learned and observed about the unique way in which the company deals with its clients and document this in a visual format. 

These documents are incredibly useful, both in keeping a growing team on-brand when it comes to dealign with customers, but also in setting expectations among your clients.

The verdict

I highly recommend using Noble Digital for your website design if you want a customer-focussed product truly reflective of you and your business, at a reasonable price.
Michelle Dalton,
Temple Row Wealth Management
Client name:
Temple Row Wealth Management
Project date:
April 2020
Services used:
Build, Design, UX
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