ProPix Website v2

Build, Design, Hosting, UX

Our responsibilities for this project:

  • Evolving our initial site concepts
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing and design of site pages
  • Development of dynamic infrastructure to cross-link images and PixPacks (galleries)
  • Hosting and DNS configuration
Back in February, we rapidly created a basic website for ProPix – it was a one-page site that was sufficient for their immediate needs; to tease the concept of the app, showcase key features, introduce the team and provide a way to get in touch. 
Since then, however, their app has entered beta testing, and the company is gearing up for the eventual launch to the public. As such, the site had to be updated to something much smarter and more fully-featured.
ProPix is an app for both iOS and Android that gives your contact list a unique and personalised look. If you don’t have photos for all your contacts, they can be a bit boring. ProPix allows you to quickly and easily download galleries of beautiful images to use as contact photos.
Understanding that a key part of ProPix’s draw was the wide range of themed images hand-picked to brighten up anyone’s contact list, we wanted to create a system of PixPacks (the company’s proprietary term for galleries) and images that showed each image to the max, and was easy for the team to update.
We wanted the idea of images relating to PixPack galleries to be prevalent and clear throughout the site, and wireframed a series of pages to support this concept, checking in with the ProPix team along the way and letting them input the latest from their user feedback.
We created a series of custom entities for Images and PixPack galleries in the site’s admin interface and implemented a way for the posts to easily relate to one another, leveraging the inherently realtional nature of the SQL database stack.
Aside from this feature unique to ProPix, the site needed the common brochureware site pages explaining the app and company, and providing a way for people to get in touch and feed back on early stages of the app, when released. The site also features a series of short videos we created to help explain the concept of the app, which will be used to support the launch on social media.

Ultimately, Founder Matthew Bayley felt the site was another step change in the way ProPix would be perceived:

It has been a seamless process working with Noble Digital bringing our website to life. It's now an effective tool for our customers to use. Thank you Noble.

Matthew Bayley, CEO

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Client name:

ProPix App

Project date:

April 2020

Services used:

Build, Design, Hosting, UX

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