ProPix Website

Build, Design, UX

Our responsibilities for this project:

  • Distillation of core user requirements
  • Wireframe, design and build of an urgent, single-page website
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Domain configuration

We met ProPix founder Matthew Bayley at a Christmas party of all things, over a traditional festive curry.

A few weeks later, Matthew had reached out to us and explained all about his plans for ProPix, an app designed to create beautiful images for contact lists. Whilst a lot of the functionality is still a closely guarded secret, the startup needed a basic website, and they needed it quickly. It was necessary to provide one to continue with their development efforts, perception is important when dealing with developer account providers Apple and Google.

So, we jumped into action to help ProPix meet this important deadline. After meeting to understand more about the background of the app and the requirements for the website, we kicked off our efficient, user-centric process.

It was decided that a one-page site would be sufficient for their immediate needs; to tease the concept of the app, showcase key features, introduce the team and provide a way to get in touch. In order to progress as quickly as possible, we created initial sketches and wireframes that would become the eventual design, and quickly iterated until the ProPix team were happy:

Then, we got started on the code. Due to the time constraints and the simple nature of the site, we decided to create a flat build using responsive HTML & CSS for optimal delivery to different devices. Subtle animations were added to certain elements to create a visually pleasing interaction. There would be potential to upgrade to a CMS in the future. Finally, the site was designed and optimised for speed.

Ultimately, it was only a matter of days from start to finish, before the ProPix website was live.

I met with Noble Digital and outlined our plans for the short and long term. They came up with suggestions and mock-ups that were exceptional and exceeded our expectations for the look and content we were hoping for. The project came in on budget and in a shorter time frame which we were delighted with. Highly recommended and look forward to working with on an ongoing basis.

Matthew Bayley, CEO

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ProPix liked our work so much they came back for seconds! This means some of the details in this case study may be out of date. You can read the more recent case studies below.


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Client name:

ProPix App

Project date:

February 2020

Services used:

Build, Design, UX

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