Storied Lyrics

Branding, Build, Design, Hosting

Our responsibilities for this project:

  • Hackathon creation - single day concept, design and build
  • Quick concept sketches
  • Logo creation
  • Site design and build

Storied Lyrics is the home of a talented local songwriter. In order to help them meet and collaborate with musical people the world over, they needed a reputable-looking online home for songwriting, and a dynamic way of updating and maintaining a catalogue of songs that would be easily accessible by people looking to collaborate.

This site was one of our exciting ‘hackathon’ creations, with the entire brand, website, media and content created in a single working day.

We started by thinking about how to convey the different aspects of Storied Lyrics, specifically the combination of music and storytelling. After a few iterations, the combination of pen nib, piano and microphone (modelled after Storied Lyrics’ own setup) seemed to communicate everything quickly and simply.

The next step was to think about the information we wanted to showcase to site audiences. Normally, we would go through a full wireframing and design phase, but for the quick timescales, our initial sketches formed the basis of the development work.

Agreeing our rough approach to create custom entities and templates based on the key attributes of a song, we moved quickly into developing the site based on our custom implementation of WordPress. The site had the basics (site pages, blog, contact options, etc.) but we wanted to make the songs area special.

We registered custom posts for songs that would allow easy addition of songs, lyrics, categorisation and maintenance, as well as dynamically drawing audio files into the site from Soundcloud – this is as easy as providing a song ID.

Finally, we provided custom colour schemes and styles in the WYSIWYG editor so that important elements of a song’s lyrics could be broken down easily.

This was a much needed face lift for my website! I was able to put all of my creative ideas across but found the process of working with Noble Digital incredibly useful. They asked the right questions and got me thinking about how the site would be used by myself and others. The site flows really well now.

Storied Lyrics

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Client name:

Storied Lyrics

Project date:

May 2020

Services used:

Branding, Build, Design, Hosting

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