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Continuing our response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Noble Digital today announce the launch of a new flat-rate service – flat-rate online shops.

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We have featured flat-rate services from the very beginning. It reflects our commitment to providing services to clients of all shapes and sizes and offers the reassurance of what you’re going to get at what price.

Since the start of lockdown in Britain, we’ve seen a rise in internet traffic, and a corresponding increase in Ecommerce traffic as some people now have no choice but to shop online for essential and other items, and businesses work to update or launch online shops so they can continue selling goods and services.

We also recognise that it takes an online shop some time to start making a return on investment. We’re confident in the quality of the Ecommerce solutions we create, so we’ve also introduced deferred payment terms for businesses who commission a new online shop, giving it a chance to make money back before you pay fully.

Find out more about our flat-rate online shop, and order today for £1,250. 

If you need something outside the scope of our flat-rate packages, please consider the full range of services we offer or contact us for job-specific pricing.

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