15th September, 2020

It’s official, we’re award-winning

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by Noble Digital

Noble Digital is proud to have been recognised twice, as Most Innovative Digital Business and with the Award for Excellence in UX Design in the 2020 Midlands Enterprise Awards.

Managing Director Larry Brangwyn comments: “Noble Digital was founded because we believe websites, apps and online experiences can be better. Our approach ever since has been to challenge and elevate what people expect from the web design industry, both in terms of offering and service.”

We put the end user at the heart of every project, with a user-centered design process that’s specifically targeted to make the websites we create better for their users and their owners. This process has been adapted from several different variations that are used by some of the largest companies in the world, and made accessible and practical for businesses of all sizes. 

Noble Digital is thrilled to have been recognised for our efforts to make better websites that are easier to use. Any award is an affirmation that this mission is a worthwhile one, and excellent motivation to continue working hard towards it.

Most Innovative
Digital Business


Award for Excellence
in UX Design


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