Line length and how responsive design has reshaped how we read

Recently, one of our clients challenged me regarding the line length and alignment of text on a couple of pages of a website we are creating for them, citing research from the Baymard Institute, a regular port of call for User Experience (UX) Practitioners all over the world. While we always design our websites with […]

Chatbots UX – friend or foe?

Recently, a client asked us to explore the possibility of adding a chatbot to their website to handle incoming booking requests. Having extensive knowledge of planning and managing live chat experiences for our clients over the years, we decided to throw ourselves into the task and explore the possibility of using this exciting new technology. Because […]

Secure your site by default

These days, most websites have a secure connection between the web host and the end-user. This is known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. It has become an increasingly common practice to secure sites with SSL. It doesn’t just look good, it protects users browsing behaviours from being intercepted, it keeps the flow of information […]

Why go mobile first?

We’ve recently been working with a client to redesign their website, from the ground up, with a mobile-first user experience. It got us thinking and talking a lot about why a mobile-first approach might be the answer for a lot of companies. The growth of mobile First and foremost, we go where the users go. […]

Why UX is important for every business

If you’ve not come across Experience Design before, your first question might understandably be “What is UX?” User Experience (commonly shortened to UX) is all about making it as easy as possible for someone to use your website, app, product or service. It involves finding out who your audience is and what they think – […]

Proof of the importance of a good website

  We asked people how the lack of a website might affect their perceptions of a company. The results speak for themselves. “If a company does not have a good website, I have lost all trust in them. It’s a basic requirement these days.” Respondent At Noble Digital, we’re really interested in the end user. One […]

Guerilla testing – why one is better than none

In any organisation, securing buy-in from whoever controls the purse strings is important. As User Experience (UX) has gained prominence over the last few years, most larger businesses have made some investment in the area. However, a small number like to talk a lot about it without implementing any of the practices and techniques that […]

The best ways to get customer feedback

If you’re a business owner, keeping a finger on the pulse of your customers is always going to be a top priority. If you’ve used the web a lot over the years, you may have answered, or even asked this question: This is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a metric that has been adopted by a […]