Festive programming fun – Advent of Code

We’re really happy to say that our very own Michael is participating in this year’s Advent of Code!  Advent of Code runs from the 1st to the 25th of December every year, and poses a series of increasingly difficult coding challenges that Michael has described as “starting off as fun but ending up as pain, […]

What happened to our social media?

You may have noticed some recent changes to how we use social media, specifically the removal of Twitter as our primary social media tool. It’s hardly surprising that in the wake of Twitter’s recent acquisition that individuals and organisations reconsider how they use different platforms, and what they want to support or be associated with. […]

Line length and how responsive design has reshaped how we read

Recently, one of our clients challenged me regarding the line length and alignment of text on a couple of pages of a website we are creating for them, citing research from the Baymard Institute, a regular port of call for User Experience (UX) Practitioners all over the world. While we always design our websites with […]

Going interplanetary – Exploring IPFS and Web 3 hosting

Not long ago, we tried to explain the defining characteristics of Web 3.0, in an effort to bring some clarity to our clients. As the web evolves, we need to evolve too, and understanding the cutting edge is critical if you want a competitive advantage when the time comes. Despite the fact that many people […]

Noble Digital named Website Design Service of the Year

Noble Digital is enjoying continued awards success having been named the Website Design Service of the Year in the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021. This builds on our 2020 awards for Digital Innovation and UX Excellence. Ninety thousand businesses and corporate professionals were invited to nominate companies based on service, innovation, experience, and […]

What is Web 3.0?

If you spend a lot of time researching how best to use your website (or are interested in the web in general) you may have heard the term Web 3.0 being thrown about. But what is Web 3.0 exactly, and what does it mean for you? In the world of the internet and technology, language […]

Fighting spam and the UX big picture

Since the early days of digital communication, the internet has been a battleground for the never-ending struggle between technology companies and spammers. Us ordinary people might wonder just what spammers hope to achieve from their antics, but they are very good at using automation to reach as wide an audience as possible. It only takes […]

Choosing web hosting

The question of which hosting provider or setup to go with is something we get asked all the time. There’s a huge variety to choose from and ultimately no right or wrong answers. In fact, Noble Digital offers hosting solutions specifically tailored to our clients’ needs, although we’re always happy to work with third party […]

Chatbots UX – friend or foe?

Recently, a client asked us to explore the possibility of adding a chatbot to their website to handle incoming booking requests. Having extensive knowledge of planning and managing live chat experiences for our clients over the years, we decided to throw ourselves into the task and explore the possibility of using this exciting new technology. Because […]

Digital solutions to track Coronavirus

Noble Digital real-time data dashboard coronavirus covid-19

We’re always interested in technology being used as a force for good. A lot of people will be very worried about the current global situation and Coronavirus pandemic. If you are the sort of person who likes to know what’s going on and how the disease is progressing, there are several options available. People all […]