Happy Holidays from Noble Digital for Christmas 2020

What a year it’s been for all of us. Everyone has been affected by the challenges posed by Coronavirus, we completed a range of high profile projects and even relocated Noble Digital to Lancashire. During all the change, we think it’s important to keep in touch with the people we’ve worked closely with during the […]

You can now find us in Lancashire

We’re happy to announce some important changes at Noble Digital. Namely, due to some exciting personal changes, we’re relocating to Lancashire. What does this mean for you? As a predominantly digital business, we’ve been working remotely since long before the government recommended as many of us as possible start doing it. In fact, we’ve never […]

Noble Digital redesigns Stourport’s Town website

Noble Digital has worked with Stourport Forward, a not for profit company, to update the Stourport Town website, stourporttown.co.uk, in a bid to support local businesses and encourage people to visit the town. Businesses will be able to add their details to a town directory and manage their own listings. The successful Stourport Town website has […]

Website health check – take our 2 minute quiz

At Noble Digital, we’re always looking for ways to make things easier for people, including easier to figure out where they stand with their current digital landscape, and how to access the services that can improve it. That’s why we’ve just launched our Website Health Check, a quick interactive quiz that helps identify key areas […]

Noble and iD partner to offer bespoke digital packages

Noble Digital has partnered with iD Creative Design to offer two bespoke digital packages tailored for discerning business owners. These packages offer cost-effective ways for companies to make their business, products and services stand out through consistent, creative branding and a user-friendly, memorable online presence. https://vimeo.com/460333803 Larry Brangwyn, MD at Noble Digital says “We are […]

It’s official, we’re award-winning

Noble Digital is proud to have been recognised twice, as Most Innovative Digital Business and with the Award for Excellence in UX Design in the 2020 Midlands Enterprise Awards. Managing Director Larry Brangwyn comments: “Noble Digital was founded because we believe websites, apps and online experiences can be better. Our approach ever since has been to challenge and […]

Why we redesigned our website for the third time in 12 months

Yep, it’s true. And you’re probably wondering if we shouldn’t have been building other people’s websites during this time! Don’t worry, we’re on top of things. But why have we taken valuable time out of our development schedule to give our own site another going over? It was fine…right? Well, we’ve talked before about how […]

Introducing flat rate online shops

Continuing our response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Noble Digital today announce the launch of a new flat-rate service – flat-rate online shops. Need to start selling online? We can help. Watch our new advert below. https://vimeo.com/406263294 We have featured flat-rate services from the very beginning. It reflects our commitment to providing services to clients of all shapes and […]

Happy Birthday to us!

It almost slipped by unnoticed, especially given what’s been happening in the world lately, but it’s true. Today is officially the first anniversary of Noble Digital and our mission to bring big business know-how to everyone. We’d like to thank all of our wonderful clients for their business and faith over the last year. Their […]

Web traffic spikes over 20% in a week

Following current events and our response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re now starting to see the impact on our digital and technology infrastructure. Already a core part of our 21st century lives, these are now becoming even more invaluable, both in facilitating the flow of information to prevent the spread of the virus, but also […]