5 tips to help you keep your website up-to-date and relevant

We have a saying here at Noble Digital – the best websites are like the best gardens – tended often. You have to take the time to prune, weed and water if you want a nice garden. When it comes to websites, the main thing is to make sure that the content on your site […]

SEO or UX first? Chicken or Egg?

When building a new website to replace an older one, you might wonder whether you should build your website first and then drive traffic to it, or start building traffic in anticipation of your new site going live. It’s a tricky one, and we can see both sides of this debate! One of the most […]

Christmas fun you can have online

Technology has had a huge impact on Christmas. Amazon’s massive inventory has made it easier than ever to do all your shopping in one place, but there have also been instances of smart devices spoiling the magic of the big day. In fact, Amazon’s own Alexa has a lot to answer for – both for […]

Offline Day – Take some time away from your screen

You may think it’s a little counterintuitive for a Digital Agency to recommend switching off, but balance is paramount in everything. It’s important for physical and mental health to have a break from your devices and the internet every now and then, especially so for those of us who use them for a large portion […]

Our favourite ways to create an atmosphere

Do you have to have a tidy desk to have a tidy mind? Or do you flourish in chaos? Everyone is different, and the atmosphere we choose to work in can have a big impact on the quality we deliver. Everyone at Noble Digital works remotely. We’ve been doing it since before the pandemic, and […]

Why you should visit your site in incognito mode

Websites are like living, breathing entities – they change and grow over time. The more advanced ones have complex functionality built-in that allow them to get to know their users and change their behaviour and appearance accordingly. As such, it’s easy for your site to evolve over time without you knowing how your website will […]