Fredgie Says™


Nobody really knows where Fredgie came from. Rumours say he evolved from a stick man/cartoon sun hybrid, or that he sprang to life from under a tree. All we know is that he’s at least 10 years old now, is still as youthful and vibrant as the day he first sprang into being, has something to say for almost every occasion, and appears on a range of humorous and wholesome products, from greetings cards to stationary.

Fredgie is a charming creature, who despite not having any magical powers, does have an uncanny ability to bring smiles to people’s faces. It was for this reason that Fredgie’s creator decided to share him with others. She felt the world needs a little more Fredgie, and a few more smiles could never hurt. We at Noble Digital couldn’t agree more!



As well as our standard fare of designing a brand new website and implementing a streamlined eCommerce/payments solution for Fredgie, we explored the opportunities for technology to make production easier for the creator, who up to that point created all Fredgie Says™ products by hand.

We started by suggesting the creation of Fredgie Sans –  a font that perfectly recreated the trademark handwriting style that accompanies Fredgie’s musings. This involved capturing a sample of the handwriting for each different character that might appear and transforming this into a vectorised font for use in print and on the web.



We then created the design templates for a new range of greetings cards that could be used with Fredgie Sans to easily create new product variations and shot updated product photography into which the new designs could be easily inserted for product listings.



Finally, we were able to suggest different methods and materials that would reduce the overheads for printing Fredgie, supporting the small business owner in creating some products at home in the same quality.

“So pleased I found a local supplier who could do such a great job quickly and at a good price! Noble helped me take Fredgie Says from ideas to fully digital. Fredgie now has a website, and (thanks to my new bespoke font) digital cards and postcards I can just type straight into! Thank you so much for not only the contracted work, but all the knowledge and tips on things I didn’t realise were available, but now make running Fredgie Says much easier!”

The wonderful range of Fredgie Says™ products will be available via the website, and on eBay and Etsy soon.

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