Flat rate services


Sometimes, you just need to know what you’re going to get at what price.

The packages below give you a chance to see how consultancy might work for you, and (we think) reflect our commitment to providing services to clients of all shapes and sizes. Purchasing a flat rate service is a great place to start, and you can always branch out into consultancy whenever the need arises.

The majority of work we do is priced on a job-by-job basis, this helps us quote a fair and transparent price for every job, which is part of our philosophy.

However, we’ve become very efficient at certain pieces of work that are popular with clients of different sizes, which we can now offer at guaranteed flat rates. The list is growing all the time.

If you need something outside the scope of these packages, please consider the range of services we offer or contact us for job-specific pricing.

no unexpected fees

£ 799

A website is one of those things most people can agree is necessary when doing business in the digital age, but actually getting one up and running is a minefield of complexity in a loud industry. We offer this flat-rate website design service that gives you a brand new, state-of-the-art website without the worry of spiralling costs.

£ 1,250

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the shift to shopping online, and many businesses are launching online shops or click & collect solutions in order to adapt to the changes. Our basic online shop package is designed to give you everything you need to run your own professional online shop.

£ 299

A professionally researched and presented usability report for a single website or app, based on up-to-date best practice knowledge and first-hand observation. Get meaningful and actionable insight that will improve the experience for your customers.

Startup Digital Package

£ 2,499

We know what it’s like to start up. You have to do everything yourself, and getting your product or service ready should be the number one priority. So, we’ll do all the digital legwork for you, including your banding, a basic website, email service, connected CRM, social media and more.

Don't see what you're after?

If you are interested in something more specific, we offer a huge range of digital services that you can explore on the rest of the site. Alternatively, you can get in touch to discuss your next project, no obligation and no pressure.