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Hi, we’re Noble Digital. A User Experience Agency that helps businesses large and small make positive changes for their customers. 

Understand your users

If you know what your customers want, you can make the changes that will grow your business. You could guess, but the best way to know is to ask them. A User Experience Agency like us can help.

Try out
new ideas

If you have ideas for your product, service, website or app, you might want to try them out with some users before you make big changes. After all, you don’t want to have to roll back unpopular changes.

Make customers for life

People remember good experiences. When your business leaves someone with a positive memory, they’re more likely to come back to you time and time again. Why leave it to chance when you can design it?

Why work with a User Experience Agency?

User Experience (or UX for short) is a methodology for understanding the different people who use your products, services, or website and then designing experiences specifically around their behaviour and motivations. 

Just like in the offline world, people behave in different, sometimes unexpected ways online. You can’t always guess what the users of your website will do until you let them loose on it. Thankfully, we know what signals to look out for that can help you understand these behaviours and design better solutions.

Sometimes, the way websites are designed is cumbersome, and people find quicker ways, just like in this example of a pavement making people walk the long route. Users take the quickest path, that of least resistance.

Sometimes, websites are designed to intentionally force certain behaviours, but people inevitably find a quicker way.

Taking the time to understand your users, plan around them, design solutions for them and (critically) test these solutions can create huge benefits for your business and your customers.

Noble Digital is an award-winning User Experience Agency that helps businesses large and small to make a positive difference to their customers. Improve your UX today.

There are few hard and fast rules when it comes to people’s behaviour, but our rule of thumb is that when you take the time to understand your customers and design solutions for them, you should see an improvement in three key areas:


Customer Satisfaction

By spending time to make things easier for your users, you make them more likely to return again and again, and rave about you to people they know.



When users can complete their desired actions, they are less likely to contact you for help, or to complain. This reduces the load on support staff and allows you to focus your time more effectively.



UX removes barriers for your users. Fewer hurdles mean that they are much more likely to make it through your registration form, online checkout or contact process.


Rebuilding the ProPix App UX & UI


UK Games Expo Website

We know what we're doing

We’re delighted to have been recognised as an award-winning User Experience Agency. You want to know that whoever you trust with your User Experience can deliver.

Award for Excellence in UX Design


Best User-Focused Web Design Company


Matthew Bayley, ProPix App

“Noble Digital is now an integral part of the ProPix development process. Their expertise in UI & UX has elevated ProPix from a micro developer into an international technology company with several premier league football clubs as clients. They are continually able to interpet our client requirements into practical solutions that are well thought through and extremely valuable. ProPix users now benefit from a superior user interface on our technology platform compared to earlier versions of our app. Before heading in any new technological direction we take their considered advice before making key decisions that affect our users and clients. Noble Digital always place the user at the heart of every decision, which combined with their honest advice and original thinking means they will continue to play an influential role as part of the ProPix family.”

Tony Hyams, UK Games Expo

“It takes a real skill to get inside the heads of our users, and help us to understand them better. Not to mention design a solution that looks good while changing almost all the aspects of a site these users were accustomed to. We’ve had no pushback from our customers, which is almost unheard of for a project like this, and the UKGE website is now at the cutting edge. Noble Digital helped keep our team and suppliers user-focused and on task, we look forward to working with them on future developments.”

User Experience Insights

We think it’s really important to stay up-to-date with all the latest thinking that the ever-changing digital landscape offers. That’s why, as a User Experience Agency, we write about this and other relevant topics – so we can share valuable insights with our clients.


Line length and how responsive design has reshaped how we read

9 minutes

Chatbots UX – friend or foe?

12 minutes

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