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What is User Experience?

User Experience (or UX for short) is a methodology for understanding the different people who use your products, services, or website and then designing experiences specifically around their behaviour and motivations. 

Just like in the offline world, people behave in different, sometimes unexpected ways online. You can’t always guess what the users of your website will do until you let them loose on it. Thankfully, we know what signals to look out for that can help you understand these behaviours and design better solutions.

Sometimes, the way websites are designed is cumbersome, and people find quicker ways, just like in this example of a pavement making people walk the long route. Users take the quickest path, that of least resistance.

Sometimes, websites are designed to intentionally force certain behaviours, but people inevitably find a quicker way.

Taking the time to understand your users, plan around them, design solutions for them and (critically) test these solutions can create huge benefits for your business and your customers.

The benefits of User Experience Design

There are few hard and fast rules when it comes to people’s behaviour, but our rule of thumb is that when you take the time to understand your customers and design solutions for them, you should see an improvement in three key areas:


Customer Satisfaction

By spending time to make things easier for your users, you make them more likely to return again and again, and rave about you to people they know.



When users can complete their desired actions, they are less likely to contact you for help, or to complain. This reduces the load on support staff and allows you to focus your time more effectively.



UX removes barriers for your users. Fewer hurdles mean that they are much more likely to make it through your registration form, online checkout or contact process.

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Our UX Specialisms

These are just some of the steps we take to deliver a great experience. Not every one will be applicable to every project or situation, instead we talk through your needs and individual circumstances to design a programme of work that fits with your needs and budget.

User Research

User Research is important to inform the decisions you make when considering Experience Design. Good practice can only take you so far, sometimes you need to hear what your customers want directly from them.


Personas are fictional representations of your user types. Built using insight from real people, they’re a great way to remember and focus on the needs of the most important people – your customers – and ensure that everything you do is done with them in mind.


Information Architecture is the art and science of organizing and labelling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability and findability. Easy navigation means easy to use.

User Journeys

Not every user does the same thing when navigating through your website or app. User Journeys plot out the paths and actions so you can identify where to focus your attention and plan a programme of improvements.


All great ideas start with a sketch. Perhaps on a napkin? We start all our ideas with sketches as they allow us to iterate quickly, demonstrate ideas and rapidly identify ideas that aren’t working to prevent your valuable time and effort going down a rabbit hole.


Quicker and cheaper to produce than designs, wireframes are drawings of your website or app that focus on the user interaction and journey, before time is spent designing them up properly.


Sometimes, flat designs don’t do the interactions in your website or app justice. Creating interactive prototypes is a great way to test the flow of your screens with your staff and users.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is concerned with all the interactions that customers have with your brand, regardless of how they choose to make them. Online, offline, they should all be consistent.

Service Design

Service Design is like internal UX – it improves the lives of customers and employees by planning and organizing people, infrastructure and communications to improve service and interaction quality for customers.


What our clients think

Noble developed a new website for my company. From the outset, Larry instilled tremendous confidence in that he immediately ‘got’ what we were trying to achieve. He was incredibly patient with our very rudimentary knowledge of technology, explaining everything in a language we could understand. He was highly efficient, getting back to us straight away on any queries, and came up with some really considered ideas. The result was a website we really love. I could not recommend Noble enough.
Emma Steele,
The Happy Ocean Company
DON'T LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE!!! DON'T YOU DARE!! I promise you that Noble Digital will not only be the easiest, friendliest people to work with but will deliver exactly what you want, in an amazing timescale and a price that couldn't be beaten! stuff the price though...the value you will get is second to none...and I mean none! I cannot recommend Larry and the team highly enough on every aspect of the project journey... so stop searching and give them a call.
Gwion Humphreys,
Real, Effective First Aid Training
Amazing service and outcome. Larry and his team got a real understanding of our business and designed and developed a website that we are delighted with. Going through his process really helped us review who we are and what we offer. He was amazingly professional and efficient throughout and we feel we got real value for money. We would highly recommend Noble to all.
Sally Cornelius,
The Happy Ocean Company
Noble Digital were an incredible help. I was starting a new business and they helped deliver the branding and website to such a high standard. It was a pleasure to work with Larry and we now have a continuous relationship for all our marketing,
Giacomo Stevens,
Urban Fox Construction
It takes a real skill to get inside the heads of our users, and help us to understand them better. Not to mention design a solution that looks good while changing almost all the aspects of a site these users were accustomed to. We've had no pushback from our customers, which is almost unheard of for a project like this, and the UKGE website is now at the cutting edge. Noble Digital helped keep our team and suppliers user-focused and on task, we look forward to working with them on future developments.
Tony Hyams,
UK Games Expo
Working with Noble Digital has been a pleasure and the result achieved for my new company website has been remarkable. Larry is a consummate professional who prides himself on ensuring the customer receives a high-quality outcome that meets (or exceeds) their needs. He has a friendly and engaging style of working that takes you through the design, review, assurance and go-live process in a smooth and well-structured way. I fully recommend Noble Digital's services for all your company website needs. Many thanks!
Chris Johnston,
Lantos Business Solutions
Noble Digital was wonderful and helpful with their UX review of my photography website. They were quick to respond to questions and emails and explained everything in detail. The report pinpointed the holes in my website and gave detailed recommendations of varying levels to implement. I would highly recommend them and would use them again.
Lisa Lander,
Noble Digital was recommended to me by a client who was very happy with the website they had designed for her. I was particularly interested in their focus on user experience design and that really shows in the website they developed. I am thrilled with the outcome and know that when prospective clients go to the site they will find exactly what they need easily which was my primary objective.
Nicole Johnston,
Writing Tribe
I was introduced to Noble Digital, who from the outset made the process very simple. They provided a complete solution with new branding and an intuitive, user-friendly website. Not only do I now have a professional business generation tool, but Noble Digital were also able to help me receive financial assistance from the local authority in the form of a grant. I would have no hesitation in recommending Noble Digital
Brett Humphreys,
Total Comm Solutions
I highly recommend using Noble Digital for your website design if you want a customer-focussed product truly reflective of you and your business, at a reasonable price.
Michelle Dalton,
Temple Row Wealth Management
I would highly recommend Noble Digital to other businesses wanting a high quality and fit for purpose website and associated design service. I will be using them on an ongoing basis for my other projects and business.
Bethan Miles,
The Impact Mentor

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