Logo Design

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Logo Design

Your logo says more about your business than you might think. It can transform a graphic, emblem, or symbol into an instantly identifiable and recognisable expression of your brand, values and mission.

A good logo can convey multiple messages and speaks to a deeper understanding of your company’s mission and purpose, so it’s important to make sure yours is up to date and working on different levels.

Understanding your brand

An understanding of your company – its history, purpose and mission, helps us to build a logo that is representative of your brand’s personality.

Options and iterations

We typically prdouce various options and versions of a logo to narrow down your preferences, and then test your favourites on representative customers, making sure it resonates with them too.

Get feedback

It’s also possible to gain detailed feedback from prospective audiences and customers, to ensure that any refinements or changes you make to your logo are meaningful.

Get in touch

Interested in a shiny new logo for your business? Why not get in touch to discuss your next project, no obligation and no pressure.


Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.

– Saul Bass