Customer Experience

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Customer Experience

These days, there are so many ways for customers to interact with your business. In person, on your website, via social media, by telephone… The possibilities are almost endless.

 The trouble is, these channels are usually managed by different teams, with different personalities and different information and capabilities at their fingertips. This means customers can get a vastly different experience depending on how they interact with you.

The thing is, customers don’t care if they’re dealing with a salesperson one day or an intern the next. They see their interaction with your brand as a one-to-one relationship.

Customer Experience is concerned with all the interactions that customers have with your brand, regardless of how they choose to make them. They should all be consistent, we can help you to map them and standardise them.  

Customer Journey Mapping

Not every customer does the same thing when navigating through your service. Customer Journeys plot out all the paths and actions possible, across all channels, to identify where you can make improvements.

Voice of Customer

Allowing customers to have their say is a critical part of any business, as you won’t otherwise know how you’re doing or when something goes wrong. We implement real-time VoC solutions to suit you.

Mystery Shopping

It’s possible to be so close to your own business that you can’t see it how your customers do. We have useful ignorance that can be used to report on how your customers perceive their interactions.

Emotional Trends

How customers feel when using your product or service often determines their future behaviour, including loyalty and advocacy. We help businesses measure the emotional state of their customers.

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There is only one boss. The customer.

Sam Walton