Information Architecture

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Information Architecture

Information Architecture (commonly shortened to IA) is a methodology designed to quickly test and refine organisational and navigational structure.

When users navigate digital systems, one of the most common frustrations is not being able to find what they’re looking for, and as we know frustration causes people to go elsewhere. Easy navigation is a cornerstone for ease of use.

Quite commonly, how you might choose to organise information might differ from how your users would choose to do it, potentially causing this issue.

Part art, part science, we can use IA techniques help you to organize and label websites, intranets, apps, online communities and software to support usability and findability.


Building a multi-page site can get confusing. Are you covering all the bases? A sitemap helps you see everything top-down, plan content effectively and keep track of your development.

Card Sorting

Card sorting tests and validates your proposed site organisation, by testing to see whether prospective users categorise information in the same way you would, or how it might be better structured. This can be done in person, or remotely using online testing tools to get quicker results.

Tree Testing

Test how successfully users can find what they want using your proposed site navigation. We refine models and re-test to ensure a site that is easy and intuitive to navigate.

Flow Testing

Even if individual pages or views are easy to navigate, the flow between different areas is important to. Flow testing takes into account the wider context of the navigation, and feeds into the ultimate user journey.

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Findability precedes usability. You can’t use what you can’t find.

– Peter Morville