Service Design

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Service Design

Service Design improves the lives of customers and employees by planning and organizing people, infrastructure and communications to improve service quality and the interaction with your customers.

Service Design is all-encompassing when it comes to design, and considers people Рthe creators or users of the service, props Рany physical or digital systems that are needed for the service to work, and processes Рany workflows or procedures performed by employees or users, including those outside your direct control Рsupply chain for example.

By considering this broad view of your service, it is possible to identify issues and refine them before they become a critical issue for your business.

Business ecosystem mapping

Arguably the best way to quickly understand your business environment. By mapping this ecosystem, you can see the high-level exchanges of value between your business and other entities.

Business Analysis

Looking inward can be a good thing. By gathering, organising and highlighting critical business information, you can get a clear overview of your performance, and identify efficiencies that could save money.

Props, People and Processes

The three P’s of Service Design. Outlining and understanding the relationship between these three groups and the outside world provides the insight necesary to start making things better for your customers, suppliers and employees.

Align personalities

Business relationships are complicated. The larger you get, the more complicated they get. Human beings weren’t built to be able to keep that much information in their heads, that’s why we group people together. Doing this deliberately to understand your business helps you see the big picture.

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We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when creating them

Albert Einstein