User Research

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User Research

Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply know what your users are doing, but why they are doing it. Good practice can only take you so far, sometimes you need to hear what your customers want directly from them.

User Research is critical to inform the decisions you make, involving the continuous evaluation of the impact of designs on users, not only during the design and development phase but after long-term use, too.

The best products and services in the world are the ones that answer a problem or fulfil a need that users have. User Research can help you identify that and design accordingly.

1 to 1 depth sessions

If you need detailed insights from users about how they use your product or service, a series of depth sessions allow us to have a conversation, ask followup questions and generate actionable insight.

Panel sessions

Panel sessions are similar to depths in potential, but allow a group of existing or potential customers to explore questions and issues together, offering a different perspective on what you want to know.

Remote testing

If you need to reach people who are in different locations, it is possible to create tests that can be administered remotely and collated centrally, cutting down on time and overheads.

Guerilla testing

Some user insight is better than none. If you’re on a budget, guerilla testing provides an opportunity to get quick feedback on high-level ideas without focusing too much on the types of user.

First impressions

You’ve heard that saying that you only get one chance to make a good first impression? Find out which of your logos, designs or pages make the best impression before you show them to everyone.

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Diary studies

Some interactions take longer than others. If you need to gather user insight over a longer period of time, diary studies provide a structure for respondents to record their experiences.

A/B Testing

If you have two ideas but can’t decide which will work better, why not test them? Find out which copy, images or page layouts work better by offering them to a group of users.

Find our more about our range of Research and Testing services >

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To be a great designer, you need to look a little deeper into how people think and act

– Paul Boag