Customer Relationship Management

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CRM and Automation

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform isn’t just about keeping all your customer details in one place. It’s about using data responsibly and effectively to improve your understanding and ability to deliver relevant and compelling messages.

It’s easy at first, when you start out you might only have a few customers and a limited amount of detail to consider. However, as things grow it gets difficult to keep everything in your head, and as you take on staff to deal with different aspects of your customer-facing operation, it can become near impossible, at least without the embarrassment of following up on an enquiry only to find that your colleague already did so. It doesn’t paint the best picture.

Using a CRM for automation reduces load on your staff by handing repetitive tasks to the system, and keeps every interaction between your business, systems, employees and customers in one place where any of your employees can easily review and pick up where the last left off.

Customer database

Your customer database is one of the most important assets your business has. Recording and maintaining this allows you to make quick, effective decisions to target and convert new customers.

Content personalisation

By using your database to personalise messages you show customers, you can make a more memorable connection. Use names, preferences and behaviours to dynamically craft what you show.

Automate marketing

Creating rules can automate actions you have to repeatedly perform, saving you lots of time you can dedicate to other activities and providing your customers with quick, reliable service.

Record all interactions

Being able to see all the interactions people have with your business, you can better understand and interpret the needs of your customers. Automating the collection of customer data for display in one view could revolutionise your interaction with all your customers.

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How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.

Bill Gates